Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Welcome to Wretched Hive!

Hey Reader,

Welcome to Wretched Hive: a blog dedicated to the game, Star Wars: Armada made by Fantasy Flight Games.  As the management, we are three gamers who love FFG's starship-based tabletop game, and on this blog you'll find commentary on tactics for gameplay, discussions on the different ships, upgrades, and squadrons in the game, as well as battle reports between us and friends.

A few notes about this blog:

1.  We welcome your commentary as well!  As the Wretched Hive we're all about swapping stories, sharing intel, and learning secrets, so we welcome your thoughts.  That being said, we have some pretty young readers, so keep it civil or we'll delete your comments.  Fair warning, :)

2.  Like-minded people disagree on things, good men get things wrong, and not everyone shares the same play style.  So just know that when you read our posts or other people's posts - there will be no ripping of people's arms out of their sockets when you lose, ;)

3.  As of this writing, Wave 2 was recently released.  So our commentary heretofore is based on Waves 1 and 2.  We reserve the right to edit some of our commentary as time goes by based on how the game changes, :)

See you around town!